WWE wrestling

Winning can be tough. Rugby players sometimes get their teeth knocked out to win. Wrestlers have to dropkick everyone in sight to get a taste of the gold. Chess is just difficult to play, let alone beat someone at it. To other people, like this week’s winner of our Premium Whisky Advent Calendar competition, winning was as easy as buying a delicious Tasting Set and letting the prizes roll in.

WWE wrestling

You don’t even want to know what Mankind had to go through to get his mandible claws on that Premium Whisky Advent Calendar…

This week’s lucky winner is…

John Gambier!

That’s right John, by buying a Regions of Scotland and a Bourbon Tasting Set, you’ve won yourself a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar without even having to dump-tackle, suplex or checkmate a single person. Enjoy your run up to Christmas with 24 special expressions of stunning whisky!

Drinks by the Dram Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

Better than being hit with a steel chair? You bet!

There are three chances left to win a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar this November. To be in with a chance, race on over to the competition page, grab yourself a Tasting Set and you could be our next champion.