Doc Brown great Scott!

Our third and final Fèis Ìle competition is the big one – a chance to not only win a full 50cl bottle of Caol Ila from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, but to be immortalised on their next cultish comic book style-label: a Laphroaig single malt!

We’ve heard on the grapevine that a Dr. E. Brown of Hill Valley sent out 12 messages in bottles, which are due to wash up on the shores of Islay in just a couple of days! Some crazy stuff on that grapevine, I can tell ya!

Earlier this month, we also received a mysterious treasure map along with strict instructions not to publish it until precisely 10:04 pm on the 24th May, 2013 (the year was in bold and italics). Believing that these occurrences may be related in some way, we asked Professor Cornelius Ampleforth for his advice. The madcap professor told us that the self-styled “Doc” was a bit of crack-pot (even by his standards!) and this was probably all an elaborate joke set up in 1955, nothing to worry about. It wasn’t until the next day that he realised he may have made a slight error…

The Doc is dead?!

Erm… Maybe he wasn’t joking after all…


It seems the Doc has managed to trap himself in the 19th century once again! Unbelievable! We’re quite certain now that the treasure map will reveal the locations of the messages in bottles that are yet to wash ashore and that these will hold the key to unravelling this mystery. We’ll need your help, however!

If you can successfully locate one of these messages, please read it and bring it to us at the specified time (the Doc will of course be aware of our movements from reading the Master of Malt blogs that I haven’t yet written), we will then happily offer you a full 50cl bottle of our brand new Caol Ila – Batch 1 from That Boutique-y Whisky Company to say thank you!

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Caol Ila

WIN: Caol Ila – Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) – 45.8% – (worth £54.95)


Furthermore, we’re looking for somebody to feature on the comic book style label of the next Boutique-y bottling. Tell you what, why don’t we feature one of the helpful people that bring us the Doc’s messages! There’s an idea! Unfortunately we can only feature one person so I guess we’ll have to set some challenges to pick a winner… Exciting.


It’s all set to be one hell of a week my friends!!!