Not all dads are the same. But most drinks round-up for Father’s Day ignore the multiplicity of dad types out there – they just say, here are some whiskies, buy one for your old man on 16 June. 

Well, here at Master of Malt, we like to think about things more deeply. Using the awesome computing power at our disposal – think of all those whirring tape machines at Turin’s traffic control centre in The Italian Job – we have narrowed down Dads to five different types. Then we’ve fed those types into the system and cross-referenced them against various types of whisky to create the perfect match. 

What I didn’t do was drink a load of coffee on a Monday morning and just make it as I went along. This is proper data-driven content from the people who bought you Dadvent – yes an advent-style countdown to Father’s Day with a dram to enjoy each day. Fiendishly clever. 

Right here are some Father’s Day whiskies for all the different Dads out there:

Traditional dad

Does your Dad wear tweed? Is he always disappearing for long walks as soon as someone tries to get him to talk about his feelings? Does he think that whisky has to be Scottish and single malt? Then you have one of those traditional fathers. He’s not going to want some experimental Austrian whisky that tastes like burnt clutch. He’s a traditional dad, for God’s sake!

Father's Day whisky

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

So we’ve gone for an absolute stone cold classic. An Islay whisky that never fails with its mixture of fiery peat and sweet sherry. Just don’t serve it to him in a Smoky Cokey


Cool dad

We’ve all seen the cool dad taking his children to school by skateboard. Either with an extra long skateboard or with each child on their own skateboard and one for the dog. If your dad is like this, then you need a whisky as cool as he is. Luckily we’ve got just the thing for you.

WHiskies for Father's Day

Mackmyra Björksav

A whisky so cool that it even has the word Bjork in the title. This single malt hails from Sweden and is aged in bourbon, oloroso sherry and Swedish oak casks, and even casks that previously held Swedish birch sap wine. So cool. 


For the no-nonsense Dad

You know the no-nonsense Dad: strong smell of Ronseal and engine oil. Probably called Ken, loves Black Sabbath and tinkering with old motorbikes. He also loves a nice single malt but doesn’t want anything fancy thank you very much. He’s not swayed by packaging designed by a top Taiwanese artist. Well we’ve got the perfect whisky for Ken:

Whisky for Father's Day

Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire 10 Year Old

All the money goes into the liquid – which is a flavour-packed partially sherried peated single malt from a secret Islay distillery. And very little goes into the label – which is quite basic – just like no-nonsense dad.


Experimental dad

We tend to think of dads as conservative creatures who like nothing better than the familiar. But this is an outrageously limiting stereotype probably put about by Big Whisky to sell blended whisky. In fact, some dads are extremely adventurous and like nothing better than trying whiskies from all kinds of countries. Even England.

Whiskies for Father's Day

The Oxford Artisan Distillery Rye Whisky – The Tawny Pipe

We love everything from the distillery formerly known as TOAD and now in the process of changing its name to Fielden but we’re particularly keen on this Port-aged example. Take a boatload of spices, smear it in jam and you’re nearly there. 


The dad who has everything 

I had a girlfriend whose father was like this. He was an extremely successful businessman and so nothing I bought him would be anywhere near as good as he would buy himself. He was later found out to have been involved with the Russian Mafia but that’s another story. 

Whiskies for Father's Day

Laphroaig 34 Year Old – The Ian Hunter Story Book 5 

No whisky-loving dad, no matter how shady the source of his fortune, could fail to be impressed with this. After nearly 35 years ageing the medicinal smokiness has receded to reveal a core of tropical fruit and an almost infinite depth of spiciness. What a whisky!