Tl;dr facebook broke “login with facebook” and they won’t tell us why, or indeed talk to us about it. There’s not much we can do about that, so we’re giving everyone affected a £5 voucher to say sorry, and asking them to add a password to their account so they can still log in.

(Ignore the sassy dog, this isn’t your fault and she’s not disappointed in you.)

Read on for the full story…

So here’s the thing – Facebook / Meta / his-zuckerberg-ness emailed us the other day to let us know our “login with facebook” integration was no good and needed fixing. This was odd since it hadn’t changed in about 10 years, and, rather unhelpfully they shared no detail whatsoever on what the issue was; but ok facebook, sure, we’ll bite – what’s the problem?

We emailed them, and got a response a few hours later, saying that the integration was no good and that they would have to “take action”, but, frustratingly, still no explanation as to what the issue was.

We tried again.

Still no dice – same response. We’re clearly dealing with a robot. The robot was very keen to tell us how important it was that we fix this issue-that-dare-not-speak-its-name though OR ELSE.

So, we reached out to our advertising contact at facebook to see if he could help. He couldn’t. He had to escalate it.

No dice. The problem remains a secret.

Helpfully, they then “took action”by turning off the integration entirely on their end, breaking it for all users.

So as a result we now have to email the 51,000 people who use this feature (sorry if that’s you) and say “we’re really sorry, but facebook broke our integration and they refuse to talk to us about it.”.

You can add a password to your account by clicking here, entering your email, and then clicking “forgotten password”. That way you’ll be able to log in using this new password and your email address going forward.

Sorry about that. I know it’s pain to have yet *another* password to remember. But if you’ve logged in using facebook in the last 6 months there’s a £5 voucher on its way to you right now by way of apology for the inconvenience.

Sorry again.



P.S. If you know anyone at Facebook who speaks human, could you point them in our direction? We’d appreciate it.

P.P.S “What happened to Login with Twitter?” no idea, we didn’t do anything, it just broke on their end, and we’re pretty sure the Twitter tech support team doesn’t work at Twitter any more so there’s no one we can talk to there either. Luckily nobody used Twitter to log on anyway…