I’m really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve just found out from Drinkworks that they have decided to wind down their business and stop supplying Drinkworks machines globally (including in the UK).

That means going forward we won’t be able to offer repairs or replacements for any Drinkworks machines, and that we won’t have any more pods, CO2 Canisters, or cleaning tablets available after the stock we already have runs out.

We will of course be offering anyone who has bought a machine from us a full refund, and the machine will be yours to keep (you won’t have to return it).

If you’ve bought a machine from us then you should receive an email from us in the next few minutes.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and hassle we’ve caused anyone who has bought a Drinkworks machine from us, and I can only apologise for the very sudden announcement – we literally only just found out about this.




Why are you offering machine refunds?
As the Drinkworks system will no longer be able to be replaced or serviced, we are offering everyone who bought a machine a full refund and a sincere apology for the inconvenience.

Will the warranty on my Drinkworks machine continue?
Afraid not. By giving you a full refund for the machine we’re effectively voiding the warranty as we won’t be able to service or get replacement machines.

Who is eligible for a refund?
Everyone who bought a machine. If you were given one then it’ll be the person who bought it in the first place who gets the refund – if you’re still friends then hopefully they’ll use the money to buy you something nice.

Who is not eligible for a machine refund?
Anyone given a machine rather than buying one.

Assuming I’m eligible (as in, I bought it) how and when will I get my refund?
We should be able to send the refund back to the same card you used to order from us, and all of these should go out over the next few days and be with you well before Christmas.  However, if for some reason we can’t send the refund back to your card, we’ll drop you another email and ask for your bank details or other method (like PayPal) we can use to send you the money.

Are accessories like Bar Locks and Storage Towers eligible for a refund?
Of course.

What about pods and CO2 canisters, can I get a refund for those as well?
Of course, but you will need to return them in unused condition.

How are the refunds determined?
Based on your order details with us.

Where do I go if I have a question that isn’t tied to the refund program?
Just get in touch with us as normal and we’ll do our best to help you out, alternatively you can contact Drinkworks directly 001 (888) 255-8181.

Do I have to send the machine back?
Nope, the machine is yours to keep 🙂

Is this a result of a product defect or recall?
No, the machine isn’t being recalled and is safe to use. It’s just that because Drinkworks is shutting down their business we can’t continue to replace and service machines or indeed buy new pods, so we’re giving everyone a refund.

Where do I get a “reimbursement ID”?
You don’t – that’s only for if you’ve bought your machine in the USA rather than from us.  If you bought your machine from Master of Malt your refund will be processed automatically in the next few days – there’s nothing you have to do.

I received an email from Drinkworks with a reimbursement ID in it – what should I do?
Just ignore it – reimbursement IDs are only for machines bought in the USA, not those bought from us.  If you bought your machine from Master of Malt then you can just ignore all of that stuff as your refund will be processed automatically in the next few days.