We’ve looked at the calendar, checked the star charts, and consulted the sundial – we’re definitely in a new month, and it’s time to see what Dram Club treats February has in store!

The long month of January is finally over! We can do away with all the “Oooh, what’s 2020 going to be like?” mystery and just get on with the year – and frankly, we’re looking forward to the short month of February, to give us a bit of–… Oh, it’s a leap year this year, so February is longer than usual. OK, never mind then, let’s just get on with it and see what Dram Club members will be receiving in their Tasting Sets this month!

Dram Club Whisky for February:

Dram Club Premium Whisky for February:

Dram Club Old & Rare Whisky for February:

Dram Club Gin for February:

Dram Club Rum for February: