Heard rumblings of a very tasty single cask Daftmill and want to know how you can get your hands on some of it? Well, we’re splitting our allocation of this hotly anticipated expression between a 30ml dram lottery, a bottle lottery, and a charity auction.

The Daftmill Distillery in the Lowlands has been quietly making whisky since 2005, but it only released its first ever bottling last year. Since then, a very small handful of further releases have made their way to shelves, all of which have been excellent and tend to fly off of the aforementioned shelving units. As such, excitement for more single malt from Daftmill keeps on growing. Recently the distillery released a few single cask expression, including one exclusive to the UK. Distilled in 2006, it was allowed to rest in a single first-fill bourbon barrel (#021/2006) until 2019, when it was bottled at cask strength with an outturn of only 234 bottles. As you might expect, people have been eager to get their hands on it.

Daftmill Single Cask

Very shiny Daftmill deliciousness…

We were lucky enough to get a small allocation of 9 bottles of this single cask Daftmill. With demand high and bottles scarce, we’ll be splitting our allocation between a 30ml dram lottery, a bottle lottery, and a charity auction. For a little more detail on why we’re doing this, check out our punchily-titled blog post from 2016. For a little more clarity on the three methods, here’s a short explanation of our three-pronged approach…

Prong 1) Three bottles will be turned into 30ml Drinks by the Dram samples (drams) so that as many people as possible can taste the whisky. These drams will be allocated for sale by lottery.

Prong 2) Three bottles will be sold as full bottles, again allocated by lottery, with the following statement on the back of each: “I, [your lucky winning name], hereby swear not to sell this bottle – but to drink it with my chums. May my taste-buds and olfactory bulb shrivel and die if I should break my word.

Prong 3) The final three bottles will be sold via auction with everything over RRP (net of any applicable VAT) going to Malaria No More UK to help fund their efforts of eradicating a disease that is especially deadly to children under five. You can find out more about our chosen charity here.

So, you know the “what”, the “why”, and the “how”, let’s get to the “when” and “where”.

Daftmill Single Cask Lottery and Auction Timeline:

All the action will be taking place on the Daftmill 2006 (cask 021/2006) – Single Cask page, and all the times are in BST. Set reminders on your phone, put post-it notes on your face, teach your dog how to speak and memorise dates. Maybe do a combination of all three to really make sure you don’t forget. If you’re getting involved in any of the lotteries or the auction, we wish you the best of luck!

Dram Lottery

Wed 28 Aug 16:00 – Thu 29 Aug 14:00
– The Dram Lottery is over! All winners and losers will be contacted. We received a total of 632 entries for only 69 drams!

Bottle Lottery

Thu 29 Aug 16:00 – Fri 30 Aug 14:00
– The Bottle Lottery is over! All winners and losers will be contacted. We received a total of 1,109 entries for only 3 bottles!

Bottle Charity Auction

Fri 30 Aug 16:00 – Mon 2 Sept 14:00

Enjoy, folks!