Today’s drink was created by Pamela Wiznitzer, one of New York’s top bartenders. She took some Frapin Cognac and then just sort of jazzed it up a bit to create a disco cocktail for grown-ups. The name took care of itself.

Like many in the drinks industry, Pamela Wiznitzer fell into working in bars more by necessity than any sense of vocation: “I started to work behind bars full-time in 2009 during the recession (I lost my job and needed to make rent),” she told us. But since then she has become one of New York City’s top bartenders, winning 2014 Bartender of the Year in Village Voice. Following a stint as creative director for Seamstress on the Upper East Side (which closed in 2018), she currently writes for a number of publications and runs a consultancy called The Cocktail Guru with Jonathan Pogash, and works with brands such as Frapin Cognac. Which brings us neatly on to this week’s cocktail.

Wiznitzer has been a long time fan of Cognac. She said: “Brandy is one of my favourite spirit categories and Cognac is truly one of my favourite things to sip. It’s often overlooked on menus for cocktails, but I have always found ways to highlight it on my menus and to bring Cognac cocktails to life in an exciting way for guests. I love the versatility, the way it can easily play with other ingredients, and brings its own set of complexities to a drink.” So when Frapin came knocking with its latest release, called 1270, it was pushing at an open door. 

1270 is a Cognac specifically designed for cocktails. The cellar master at Frapin, Patrice Piveteau, said, “it will become the bartender’s best friend as it makes the perfect base for the finest Cognac cocktails.” That doesn’t mean that Frapin has stinted on quality. It’s a single estate Cognac made from fruit grown entirely in Grand Champagne, distilled on the fine lees, which gives it the body for ageing. 

Frapin Cognac cocktail

A disco cocktail for grown-ups

It’s delicious neat or in Bertie Wooster’s favourite drink, the B & S (Brandy & Soda). Wiznitzer, however, has come up with something rather special blending it with triple sec, amaro and coffee. It’s like having all your after dinner drinks at once. She calls it the All Jazzed Up: “Using coffee in cocktails means that there is going to be a bit of a ‘kick’ from the caffeine”, she said. “I wanted to have a fun play on that idea while keeping the idea of the drink really classy (which it is!)” She’s right, it is totally classy, while also being a great disco drink. Wiznitzer serves it over ice but it’s actually very nice served straight up like an Espresso Martini. 

Here’s how to make it:

45ml Frapin 1270
15ml Triple Sec
15ml Amaro Meletti
15ml Demerara syrup*
30ml Cold-brewed coffee** 

In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, add all the ingredients and shake vigorously. Strain into an ice-filled drinking glass and garnish with a slice of orange.

* In a saucepan, mix equals quantities of water and demerara sugar over a low heat. Put in a sterilised jam jar when cool and it will keep in the fridge for a couple of months.

**Brew coffee with cold water and steep in the fridge for a few hours. Or purchase ready-made.