Cask Aged Gin from That Ampleforth Fellow

Well, he’s been at it again.

We try to rein him in from time to time, but the man just won’t listen. After his last couple of excursions into the world of gin  – a Sloe Gin made with half a pound of sloes per bottle, and an Old Tom which I’m reasonably sure he made just because he likes drinking Martinezzes (Martinez? Martinezs? Martiniz?), he’s been at it again with this, a cask-aged offering made using the superb Bathtub Gin as the base.

The Professor has acquired a stock of Octave casks (only 50 litres capacity as opposed to the more usual 250 litre hogshead) which have been previously used to store whisky (and prior to that, either Sherry, or Bourbon) for his newest creation. This means that in comparison to other cask-aged gins, there is a significantly higher surface area to volume ratio (roughly double as I’m sure you’ve all worked out by now). This, in turn, means that the gin will interact with the cask faster, making the 6-months-ish that the gin spends in cask lends a fantastic amount of flavour to the gin.

The casks used to store and mature the Gin are used a maximum of twice, before being retired and used as garden furniture / plant pots / props in a massive game of real-life Donkey Kong I’m planning for the warehouse staff in a couple of weeks. Not the last one. Definitely not that.

Our tasting notes for Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cask Aged Gin are as follows:

Nose: Rich juniper notes with orange and cardamom, underpinned by an integrated sweetness. Bread and butter pudding, sultanas and raisins.

Palate: Juniper leads but there is a background of rich, dried fruit. It’s creamy and buttery sweet with a soft mouthfeel.

Finish: Long-lasting juniper laced with caramelised orange sweetness.

Overall: A deliciously rich fruity gin that retains its juniper heart.

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