Calais Strike Operation Stack

There are strikes in Calais. You probably know all about it from that television programme ‘The News’, or else read about about it online. It’s not just folk breaking into UK-bound lorries which is the problem though – MyFerryLink workers walked out on Monday, closing the port of Calais. For the last few days Operation Stack has had to turn 30 miles of the M20 into a car park to accommodate all the lorries that haven’t been able to get across to mainland Europe. And it’s just possible that your parcel is in one of these lorries. Or, if you’re placing your order now, that there will be a slight delay.

Last night the industrial action was ‘suspended’, but with the backlog up to around 3,400 lorries already, stuck on miles of closed motorway and only a limited service now running, it’s going to take time before normal service can be resumed. Even if the MyFerryLink workers and DFDS Seaways reach a resolution, we predict that the situation may cause delays of up to 48 hours on orders.

If your order is delayed we’re very sorry. Nobody likes delays. Delays are rubbish. Do spare a thought for the lorry driver who’s trying to transport some delicious whisky in your direction too though. It was absolutely roasting yesterday, the hottest day of the year, and these poor souls required humanitarian assistance in the form of 18,000 bottles of water and 6,500 meals as they were stranded (often miles from anywhere) in dangerously hot conditions.



The mother of all queues.

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