Bushmills Millennium Malt

In 1975, the Old Bushmills distillery laid down some very special “private casks” of whiskey to be bottled for the new millennium. Straight from the cask, with just a little water added, these would be unfiltered, single cask whiskey. This is Bushmills Millennium Malt


With Bushmills you’ll typically find flavours like sweet barley and fruit and the whiskey is silky and creamy in true Irish style. The 10 and 16 year olds have both seen sherry casks lending a nutty, raisin-like character, this character is very different in the Millennium Malt due to the exclusive American white oak maturation.


We recently got hold of a consignment of this rare old whiskey, and wanted to find out more about it. As you’d expect, single cask Bushmills like this is rare stuff indeed, with very little to be found. We think some of you will want to consider this as an investment malt and, based on market performance, it certainly makes sense. Limited edition Irish whiskey can appreciate remarkably well and old editions of Jameson and Midleton have massively increased in value over the last few years.


A lot of this depends on the taste, as well as the rarity, so let’s give it a whirl…






Bushmills Millennium Malt 43%




Nose: Just a wave of perfectly honed cereals. It’s barley sweet and creamy with a touch of hazelnut, but really mature at the same time. After a while in the glass there are notes of vanilla and hints of resin.



Palate: Really comes into its own, very definitely Bushmills, but with a brilliant oaky backbone. More sweet spices too; with the vanilla there are hints of cinnamon, but very creamy and soft. Zinging top notes of fruit add a little piquant touch. 




Finish: Reasonable length, medium to long. The barley and fruit coalesce and out comes this great honey character.



Overall: At times you’re not quite sure if this is more dessert than whiskey. Just delicious…



Each bottle is specially labelled with the cask and bottle number, as well as for whom it was selected (messages vary, we’ve got some bottles labelled with “those who seek the kindred spirit) – it’s a nice touch. Whether to invest in, or to drink, Bushmills Millennium Malt is a great Irish whiskey.


– The Chaps at Master of Malt –