Build Your Own Tasting Set

At Christmas we launched a fancy new ‘Build your own Advent Calendar‘ service so you could select your own 3cl drams to enjoy in the run-up to the big day with your very own bespoke calendar.

Now, we’ve teamed up with Drinks by the Dram once again so that you can now ‘Build your own Tasting Set‘ too!

1. Head over to our Tasting Sets page and hit the green “Get Started” button (or hit the green “Start Tasting Set” button from any product page with drams available).

2. Choose from over 5,000 available whiskies, gins, rums and much more!

3. Add them to your Tasting Set.

4. When you have 5x 3cl drams your set is ready so add it to your basket!

Build Your Own Tasting Set

Looks fun, doesn’t it? (Click to enlarge)

Build Your Own Tasting Set

Get building now!