Bruichladdich’s New Releases for 2010




 Bruichladdich Whisky Distillery



The Bruichladdich distillery is one of Scotland’s most innovative. Their back catalogue is massive, and they are constantly finding new ways of breathing new life into a centuries old industry. 


Peating levels, barley strains and distillation methods are all fair game for their whisky alchemy and Jim McEwan, the Master Distiller at ‘Laddie, is an ardent fanatic when it comes to sourcing casks – they’ve used casks from first growth Bordeaux wineries – a 16 year old Château Lafite Finish for example – we’ve sampled a wonderful Guyanan rum finish and have even witnessed them delve into the occult with the 1989 vintage Black Art, finished in bourbon barrels and a medley of wine casks in the “stygian darkness of Warehouse No.12” (the tin and bottle are even emblazoned with a rather sinister looking pentagram!). 


A new year calls for new whisky, and we’ve just heard about the Bruichladdich releases for 2010. We’ve even heard rumours that the ‘Laddie range (known for its staggering breadth) might start to reduce in size.


We got in touch with Mark Reynier, the Managing Director at Bruichladdich, and here’s what he had to say…


 Bruichladdich Black Art

Our Interview with Mark Reynier




MoM: Hi Mark, first off let’s talk about the new Bruichladdich releases set for 2010.  As well as the old favourites (Octomore, Port Charlotte) there will be a couple of new additions to the ‘Laddie range. Could you tell us a little about these?


MR: The mainstream release of The Organic Bruichladdich following the inaugural, limited release last year. This will be a permanent bottling in our portfolio. Two very old vintage bottlings – very limited. A general release Port Charlotte and Octomore.


MoM: And what sort of cask finish are we going to expect from the new Octomore?  


MR: Wait and see. 


MoM: What sort of peating levels? 


MR: Over 150 ppm


MoM: This year’s Feis Ile (the Islay Festival) is approaching, will there be something special from Bruichladdich? 


MR: The first Islay grown barley distillation. As far as we are aware this is the first of its kind, a genuine 100% Islay single malt, since at least before WW1 – if ever. Islay grown, distilled, warehoused, bottled and retailed


MoM: There are rumours that the Bruichladdich range will start to reduce in size, what’s the thinking behind this? 


 Bruichladdich First Growth Lafite

MR: Having overcome the inconvenience of the stock hole from when the distillery was shut down, and as our own stocks come of age and volumes become available, we are able to arrive at a definitive line up of Bruichladdich bottlings over the next couple of years. 


For example a 10 year old will once again be available from next year. Equally, the realignment for clarity of our peated whiskies in to exclusively Port Charlotte and Octomore labels. With increasing stock volumes coming on line, we are now in a position where we can release mainstream bottlings of PC, Organic, Islay grown, 10, single estate etc. over the next couple of years.  There will always be a couple of uber special bottlings too.


MoM: Well we’re always interested in Bruichladdich pushing the boundaries of modern whisky production, and look forward to the year’s releases! Thanks very much.  







– The Chaps at Master of Malt