As long term fans of London’s whisky pioneers, Bimber Distillery, we are delighted to be teaming up with it for The Four Elements Collection for a series of exclusive single malts which we will be releasing over the next five months. First we had Bimber Fire, then Earth, Wind and now the final piece in the jigsaw is here: Bimber Water! And you can only buy it from Master of Malt. 

The Bimber Distillery story

The name ‘Bimber’ comes from the Polish word for moonshine. The distillery was founded in 2015 by Dariusz Plazewski with the first new make spirit coming off the stills in 2016. To make his single malts he uses only floor-malted English barley from Warminster maltings. Fermentation times are slow, around seven days to create lots of fruity esters.

The first distillation takes place in a 1,000-litre alembic still named Doris, after the sea nymph in Greek mythology, whose name represented the bounty of the sea. A second distillation follows in Astraea, a 1000-litre spirit still named after the Greek goddess of innocence and purity, who was said to strive for perfection with great attention to detail. Unusually both stills are direct-fired. 

For ageing Plazewski uses mainly bourbon casks. Bimber Distillery released its first single malt in 2019 to great acclaim and since then has released a series of whiskies including ones aged in sherry casks and Islay whisky casks. In addition to whisky, the distillery also makes two gins.

Bimber Four elements collection

The full collection will be released over the next five months

Introducing the Bimber Four Elements Collection 

According to Bimber: “The Four Elements Collection examines a quartet of the distillery’s distinctive production processes – all of which underpin the character of Bimber’s celebrated single malt. From single-farm, floor-malted barley and the use of mineral-rich London water, through to meticulously sourced peat and the extensive use of hand-charred casks – the Four Elements Collection presents a showcase of Bimber’s whisky artistry and rigorous attention to detail.”

First came Bimber Fire to be followed by Earth, Water and Air later in the year. We will keep you up-to-date as each release comes in.

Bimber - Air English whisky

Bimber The Four Elements Collection Air

The third part of Bimber’s Four Elements Quartet is here. Called Air, it’s inspired by the weather patterns, the Gulf stream and the jet stream, that influence the growth of the single farm barley that goes into Bimber whisky. As such this is a cereal-forward whisky, drawn from a single bourbon cask (#275) and bottled at cask strength 58.9% ABV with 257 bottles available.

Tasting note from Bimber

Nose: Creamy toffee covered popcorn sits alongside crème caramel, whilst roasted barley and toasted cereals joins charred pineapple segments, shaved oak and baking spices.

Palate: Rich and syrupy in texture with a combination of scorched lemon peels, cooking apples, peach melba alongside caramelised sugars and piquant cask spice.

Finish: Long with candied peels and lasting ginger and cinnamon spice.


Bimber - Earth English Whisky

Bimber The Four Elements Collection Earth

This second release was distilled from malt made using Aberdeenshire peat which has a major impact on the flavour of the resulting whisky. It comes from a single ex-bourbon cask, #478 to be precise, and was bottled at 58.5% ABV. This is a Master of Malt exclusive with only 275 bottles available.

Tasting note from Bimber

Nose: A compote of orchard fruits is married together with wisps of in-land peat smoke. Golden syrup sits with gingerbread men whilst syrupy stone fruit joins asides of damp
autumn leaves.

Palate: Sweet, tinned apricots are wrapped up in warming touches of wood smoke, whilst barley sugars and toasted oak is joined by ginger and cinnamon spice.

Finish: Linger fruity sweetness with touches of persistent, but delicate smoke.

Bimber The Four Elements Collection Fire

Bimber The Four Elements Collection Fire 

This came from a single virgin American oak cask, cask #332 to be specific. 242 bottles were filled at 58.9% ABV. As you might have guessed from the name, this features heavily-charred oak for a big-flavoured single malt but where the fruity character of the distillery style still shines out. 

Tasting note from Bimber

Nose: Orange peels, tinned peaches and spit-roasted pineapple join marzipan and roasted nuts whilst cinnamon and ginger provide liveliness.

Palate: Gently spiced tinned fruit – peach and apricot – sit together with vanilla cream, oven-baked pastries and milk chocolate alongside fizzing cask spices.

Finish: Dry earthy spicing with shaved chocolate and fading stone fruit.

Bimber - Water

Bimber The Four Elements Collection Water 

This comes from Cask #518 – a single bourbon cask. Unlike the others in this collection, this isn’t a cask strength whisky. Instead it was diluted with honest to God Thames water which “to demonstrate the ability of dilution to unlock additional aromas and flavours and to present this single malt whisky with a new, hand-tailored balance,” according to Bimber. Only 271 bottles are available at 52.1% ABV

Tasting note from Bimber

Nose: A balanced combination of pineapple chunks, mangoes and vibrant lemon sit alongside toasted cereals, vanilla buttercream and ginger.

Palate: Juicy pineapple, apple and pear join vanilla pods, smooth custard and toasted oak, whilst cinnamon and ginger are dusted on top.

Finish: Prolonged sweet fruitiness together with sympathetic cinnamon spice.