Bathtub Gin Methuselah

Once upon a time we all bought our Bathtub Gin in 70cl bottles. That was fine, I suppose, but since March last year it’s been available by the Magnum. That’s 1.5 litres – over twice as big! Pleasing.

Now, Bathtub Gin is going to be available by the Methuselah! That’s 6 litres (or 4 Magnums)! Pre-Order yours here.

The launch of these big bottles has come quickly after a particularly big awards win for Bathtub Gin, which picked up Best of Show and Double Gold awards at last week’s Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 2016 Spirit Tasting Competition.

Where will they go from here? Salmanazar? Balthazar? Nebuchadnezzar?!*

Bathtub Gin Methuselah

Bathtub Gin – Methuselah (6L) – 43.3%
Regard it!


* These are definitely genuine questions, not just a rare opportunity to use these words.