And the winners are… August edition is here. We’ve got plenty of champions to salute and competitions to draw to a close. Let’s get to it.

You know how we do competitions all the time? Yeah, well those competitions all have winners, you see. That tends to be how that process works. 

And we need to announce who they are so they can actually collect their prize and enjoy their moment of triumph. We don’t want the kind distilleries and brands who have teamed up with us getting stood up at the distillery or left with an undelivered bundle of booze because the winner didn’t even know they were victorious, do we?

Today, however, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re announcing several winners in one handy post. Which is a thing we’ll be doing from now on. It’s simpler this way and means I get to do a big celebratory roll call.

Think of it like I’m calling your name up to the stage at the end of A New Hope, only better because, you know, you’re getting VIP trips or booze instead of a dumb medal. Admittedly, it would be better if Princess Leia was giving out the prizes. What a nice lady.

Anyway, here are our champions.

August 2021 Master of Malt competition winners

Congratulations to all our competition winners!

All hail the following:

The winner of a year’s worth of whisky or rum for Father’s Day is… Becky Gill!

The winner of a VIP trip to the Boatyard Distillery is… Jules Riegal!

The winner of the ultimate hamper of Tomatin Whisky is…Sreedharan Vj!

The winner of a bundle of booze from The Glasgow Distillery is… Stephen Fitzgerald!