This is (at this stage) just a rumour.

But there are rumours, and there are rumours. I’d be inclined to say that I’m probably over 90% that this is happening.

I’ve now heard sufficient rumblings about it to make me comfortable in simply repeating what I can already find online (including a rather marvellous entry from the state of Florida that’s clearly more focused on freedom of information than Ardbeg’s Brand agency).

You’ll no doubt remember that we reported back in April that Ardbeg had paid for some of their new-make to be launched into space by Nanoracks. Genius bit of marketing shtick – but I for one was expecting the obvious (and inspired) hook-up to come when the sample was returned safely to earth… The fact that they’ve got in there quick as a flash with the allegedly upcoming Galileo release was somewhat of a surprise.

Even more of a surprise is the fact that (from what can be found online) the whisky seems to carry a pretty prominent age statement (1999-2012) right there on the label. For Ardbeg, this represents somewhat of a departure from the NAS bottlings of recent times – Uigeadail, Corryvreckan and Alligator have all eschewed age statements, as did the more recently released (although not to us – boo, hiss) Ardbeg Day whisky.

Where it’s going to be released (some rumours are that it’ll be a US only release – although I personally can’t see that this would ever happen – please Jebus, say it ain’t so), when it’s going to be released (rumour suggests end of Q3 2012), and how much it’s going to cost (rumour suggests £60-70-ish) all remain up for grabs.

Cue massive speculation, five million comments, and a minor kicking from someone somewhere in a PR company.