Adelphi Whisky

We’re proud to announce that we now stock whiskies from Adelphi. Over the years we’ve had the good fortune to sample quite a few Adelphi bottlings, and we’ve been very impressed, so we were thrilled when the new bottles arrived.

The Adelphi Distillery is actually one of the lost distilleries of Scotland, which operated from 1826 to around 1907. In 1880, the distillery was acquired by Messrs A. Walker and Co and it was Walker’s great-grandson, Jamie Walker, who restored the Adelphi name in 1993, but this time not as a distillery, as an independent bottler.

Jamie Walker was steadfast in his attention to detail and quality and when he sold the brand in 2004, he was keen that Adelphi’s reputation would continue to be upheld. He was approached by Keith Falconer and Donald Houston, who were originally after a single cask of whisky, but they ended up buying the whole business! Keith had been a chartered accountant for 25 years, and Donald still owns a global engineering business, so it was a new experience for both of them. With the addition of Alex Bruce (now a Keeper of the Quaich) and Liz Macdonald (formerly a P.A. to The Beatles!) the team was complete.

Adelphi only bottles whiskies they believe to be the best and for this they enlist the help of illustrious whiskyman Charles MacLean! It’s very refreshing to learn that every cask is left at natural strength, with no colouring or chill-filtration. The result is a fantastic array of some of the best whiskies in Scotland, packaged stunningly and left completely unadulterated.

We sampled a few recent additions to the Adelphi range:

 Bunnahabhain 11 Year Old 1997 58.6%

Bunnahabhain 11 Year Old 1997 58.6%

Nose: Almost a hint of sulphur, but pleasantly so, it brings a hint of umami richness, almost musty with a biscuity, malty sweetness, chocolate, fruit, pepper.


Palate: Walnuts, brazil nuts, Nutella, raisins, tangy under-ripe fruit, a touch of oily smoke, a hint of salt.


Finish: Stunning finish with waves of mixed nuts and peels, crystallized fruits, smoke.


Overall: A delicious Bunnahabhain, wonderfully nutty and rich.

 Mortlach 17 Year Old 1991 57%


Mortlach 17 Year Old 1991 57%



Nose: Very sherried on the nose, beautifully so. Buttery toffee, thick brioche, hot buttered toast, mixed conserves and dates.


Palate: Exceedingly supple and rounded, perfect balance and delivery as the stewed plums and apples, Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut, crumble, biscuits, toasty oak spices.


Finish: Mochaccino, long and balanced, vanilla, spice.


Overall: Interesting, incredible coffee bean notes.

 Breath of Speyside 18 Year Old 1991 54.3%


Breath of Speyside 18 Year Old 1991 54.3%



Nose: The colour suggests this will be a sherry monster, and the first nosing gives it all away. Thick, musty, rich, creamy sherry, absolutely stunning. A classically rich Speyside nose, ‘nuff said.


Palate: All sorts of fruits, some under-ripe, some over-ripe, some cooked. There are apples, pears, plums, berries, hints of cider, dessert wine notes, toffee, honey and walnut. Very complex.


Finish: Chocolate, brandy butter, marmalade, spices.


Overall: Those in search of a Glenfarclas sherry beast of a dram will not be disappointed.

All in all it was a stunning flight of Adelphi whiskies, we loved them

– The Chaps at Master of Malt –