Gifts have been given, merriment has been shared and mince pies have been scarfed by the bucketload. All that’s left to say from #WhiskySanta is…

Merry Christmas, one and all!!!

Well, that was quite a bloomin’ busy year for your favourite supernatural, omniscient, festive, heavily-bearded (and award-winning) being. I’ve somehow managed to break my record once again and give away more than £150,000 worth of gifts!

You lovely lot were wishing left, right and centre, and I managed to make many of those wishes come true! You can check out the full list of ’em over on my original post, if you’re feeling festive. And that’s not all – I also gave away seven spectacular Super Wishes to seven very lucky folks, including a Brora 34 Year Old and a Tomintoul 40 Year Old! And that’s still not all – thousands of Master of Malt customers received extra treats when they placed orders, including oodles of completely free orders. What a year!

I’ve been keeping track of what’s going on with the social media gubbins (omniscience and all that), and I can tell you, for example, that #WhiskySanta popped up on twitter timelines more than 68 million times since the start of November!

And with that, I hope you have an amazing Christmas! I think I’ve earned a few more mince pies, a glass of something delicious and a bit of a snooze.

Merry Christmas, folks!