Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendars 2014

You may have seen, but the fantastic Drinks by the Dram advent calendars for 2014 are now available for pre-order! (Estimated despatch date 5th November.*) Full of your favourite spirits rather than the usual naff chocolate fare, each one contains 24 different 3cl sample ‘drams’, one behind each window for your Christmas countdown! (Full contents can be found on the product pages for those who don’t want it to be a total surprise.)

So, what’s new for 2014? As well as exciting new lineups of specially selected contents, we’re also rather chuffed with the new boxes, illustrated by the brilliant Duncan Beedie. Let’s take a look at the 2014 Whisky Advent Calendar first (the one with the pre-order promotion attached to it…).

The Whisky Advent Calendar 2014

The Whisky Advent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £149.95

Right, so this promotion. It’s very simple – Pre-order your Whisky Advent Calendar before 31st October for a 1 in 10 chance of being UPGRADED to The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar thanks to #WhiskySanta!

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar 2014

You could be upgraded to one of these beauties!
The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £279.95

Of course, you could just pre-order a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar from the off (there’s a 10 in 10 chance of getting one then) – it’s got to be the greatest advent calendar known to man – or perhaps you’d like to explore a different spirit altogether this December?

The Ginvent Calendar is back for 2014 alongside a new and very exciting addition: The Botanical Ginvent Calendar. More about that in a second though, first feast your eyes upon 4 more spirit-filled advent calendars from Drinks by the Dram complete with handsome Duncan Beedie illustrations…

The Rum Advent Calendar 2014

The Rum Advent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £149.95

The Cognac Advent Calendar 2014

The Cognac Advent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £149.95

The Tequila Advent Calendar 2014

The Tequila Advent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £149.95

The Vodka Advent Calendar 2014

The Vodka Advent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £99.95

So whether it’s whisky, rum, Cognac, tequila or vodka you fancy counting down to Christmas with, we’ve got you covered! What’s that? What about the gin that was promised? Ah, yes. Well, we bloody love gin we do. As do those chaps over at Gin Foundry, so we’ve teamed up with them once again to bring you not just The Ginvent Calendar, which incorporates a brilliant selection from craft treats to old favourites, but something new as well…

Introducing The Botanical Ginvent Calendar, which takes you on a 24 day journey through 23 botanicals, as well as the base gin to which each is added. We’ve lovingly cold-distilled all of the botanicals to lock in the fresh flavours, the idea being that on each day you’ll be able to discern the flavour profiles each of the commonly used botanicals provides. This in turn will help you recognise them in future, adding to your understanding and appreciation of gin in general, and allows you to develop your palate and vocabulary. It’s a very exciting project and we hope that many of you get stuck right in!

The Ginvent Calendar 2014

The Ginvent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £114.95

The Ginvent Calendar 2014

The Botanical Ginvent Calendar (2014 Edition) – £124.95

Whichever advent calendar you choose, we hope you have a fantastic December full of festive spirit.

Merry Christmas!


* If you need one before this date, give us a shout and we can still sort you out with a 2013 one (there aren’t years printed on them or anything).