Dog dressed as Spock

Our dear friends and all-around-good-chaps Jason B. Standing of Whisky Squad and Jonny McMillan from The Great Whisky Company are hosting the UK’s first-ever Dramboree. See what they did, there? They took “jamboree” and made it about whisky. Yes, you get it.

Dramboree is to be held from the 5th – 7th of July in the lovely town of Aberfeldy in Scotland. There will be tasting workshops, distillery tours, a barbecue, you name it! Though it’s now sold out, we’ve got a chance for you to get in on this awesomely relaxed whisky weekend. Well, not THE relaxed whisky weekend…

How did we get our paws on 2 tickets for this now sold out event? Never you mind, for we’re going to give them away to one lucky winner! That’s just the kind of all-around-good-chaps we are.

But first, a bit about Dramboree. Imagine a 2-day whisky festival with no queues or drink-up times, just lots of sharing with good people. Their website describes it this way, “Everyone knows that whisky is awesome. After a night enjoying a few drams, two philosophical whisky lovers conceptualised an idea for a whisky utopia… A whole weekend dedicated to sharing each others favourite bottles with like minded nerds enthusiasts!”

Whilst you are tenting your fingers and whispering “Excellent” to yourself, we shall tell you how you can win these hard-to-come-by tickets.

Step 1: Like us on Facebook.

Step 2: Post a photo of a dog in people clothes on our Facebook page before 11.59pm GMT, 16 June 2013 with the caption “Take me to Dramboree!”. We’ve made you an example below.

Dog in business suit

See? It’s easy. Like what we’ve done here.


You can choose ANY image of dog in people clothes you like (the interwebs are good for the searching) just make sure it’s the best! Here are a few examples to whet your appetite.

Old Timey Dog:

Old Timey Dog

I’m jolly well up for a hunt…


Waiting in a Vest Dog:

Dog with coat

Looks like he’s hiding something…


Wegman Dogs:

Wegman dogs

Alas, my love…


Or good, ol’ fashioned Goofy Dog:

Quarterback Dog

Blue 32! Blue 32!


All of those are great examples. But don’t use those, because we just did.

When the competition closes, we’ll select a winner and announce the results on Facebook. You can enter as many times as you wish, and each entry counts as a chance to win.

Get your entries in by the 16th of June, 11.59pm GMT, and you could be on your way to Dramboree!* Just in case you were wondering, we’ll be there too…

*Note: travel to Dramboree is not included.