The Macallan Gold, two tasting glasses and The Macallan The Flask

Mission Objectives:

A: Buy a bottle of The Macallan.

B: Have your name automatically entered into the prize draw to win The Flask: cutting edge technology worth £600 that is currently in the hands of The Competition. (Plus a bottle of The Macallan Gold & 2 tasting glasses too!)

C: Minimise civilian casualties.

The countdown has already begun. T-minus 7 days or 99 chances to win.

Good luck, James.




The Flask in action


Fast cars, gadgets and The Macallan? There’s more than a little 007 flavour to The Macallan’s collaboration with Oakley, even if the actors in their video lack a certain British sartorial elegance. The fact that the camera crane crew worked on Skyfall comes as no surprise, but we’re still not entirely sure which aspect of the flask the lady in the bath was testing to the limit… There always has to be a Bond girl though, right?!

The Macallan The Flask

Space-age: I never realised Oakley was a subsidiary of Drax Industries…


The flask itself is made of aerospace-grade aluminium and laser welded steel (honestly!). There are also only 550 of these £600 flasks in existence. Other features included a double sprung mouthpiece, a non-slip rubber base and a separate machined funnel that screws securely into place. It has air vents, for goodness sake! As Oakley say, it’s a “highly engineered piece of hardware dedicated to purpose beyond reason” – suffice to say Q branch would be proud to call it their own.

James Bond with a jetpack

Helicopters are so 1950s! This is what Bond uses for The Refuel.


On the off chance that this all seems a bit silly to you and/or we can’t tempt you with The Flask or some delicious single malt whisky from The Macallan, then perhaps you would prefer The Handmade Cocktail Company’s brand new 70cl Vesper 2013 instead. Classic 1953 Bond.

For the rest of you gadget-loving Speyside whisky fans: Q branch is Oakley and M stands for The Macallan! Complete the mission and make sure you’re in with a chance of winning even if you (we) are a bit “like boys with toys”…




The Macallan Gold(enEye)*



*one joke too far?