It’s Glenfarclas 105 Day!

Glenfarclas 105 Day

It’s the 105th day of the year today, and we’re celebrating 105 Cask Strength with our good friends at Glenfarclas!

– Every 105 minutes throughout the day, one lucky customer will WIN a Signed Bottle (70cl) of Glenfarclas 105!

Simply place an order (any order) by 23:59 (BST) to be in with a chance of winning one of these very special and extremely delicious prizes, signed by George Grant.

– You can also WIN a very rare, not-available-for-sale, mahoosive 3 Litre Bottle of Glenfarclas 105 in our Facebook and Twitter competition! (Simply tell us why you deserve it most – full instructions can be found on the competition posts.)

Family owned and run, Glenfarclas has remained independent across one hundred and fifty years and six generations of the Grant family, producing their cask strength single malt expression since 1968. It’s an absolute pleasure to celebrate this great whisky from a fantastic speyside distillery.

Happy Glenfarclas 105 Day everybody!

Glenfarclas 105 Day

Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength – 60.0%

And the lucky winners of signed Glenfarclas 105 bottles were…

Dave Collis, Daniel Rook, Peter Tran, Conard Engelhardt, Michael McCaskill, Aaron Stevens, Conel Ramage, Una Dunleavy, Jessica Catchpole, Sheila Olliver, Nicholas Massey, James Ballantyne, Heather Benwell and Ian Johnstone!

…and the winner of the huge, not-available-for-sale 3 litre Glenfarclas 105 was Andrew Wheelhouse who’s now going to be running to MoM towers for charity!



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14 comments on “It’s Glenfarclas 105 Day!”

  1. Leslie Madden says:

    I would love to give this a taste.

  2. wayne grant says:

    I think my pallet deserves a taste of good scotch whiskey made by my great ancestors. My family originated from Scotland and I had an uncle named George Grant

  3. Linda says:

    I was lucky enough to visit the distillery , to late for the tour but a lovely lady took us in for a dram , the bar is from the ss empress Australia and is tucked up in the speyside hills. A truly magical day . This would keep me going in glenfarclas stories for life ! X

  4. maria konrath says:

    OMG!!! So excited to try this! PLEASE AND THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lizzie Rutt says:

    This is my favourite whisky having tried it at a wonderful place called Boisdale. A place I am now part of and love dearly. Other than the fact I can't drink it just serve it… I feel it's now my turn to be on the right side of the glass!! Pretty please…

  6. Kevin Scanlon says:

    HI everyone,
    I would just like to say that I like good whisky and bad wOman, and right now I could do with both…amen

  7. Daniel mason says:

    I recently shared a bottle of glenfarclas with my son, and his brother in law,we were on holiday in brisbane, Australia, I fell in love with this delightful whiskey. I am new to single malts, but would love to win this bottle of the water of life! Thank you Danny.

  8. Amarjit Singh Rathore says:

    Would love to try this one!!!!!

  9. James Finlay says:

    I would love to win this for my brother he is selfless always helping other's whenever he can. He collects rare Malts and this would be an excellent present for him.

  10. Geoff Bryant says:

    Well I'm one of a few people in the world who tunes antennas that stop nearly all commercial planes crashing into each other. This is reason enough😎

  11. Steve Pulizzano says:

    other than the fact this was the first malt to always have
    it will be my 64th birthday tomorrow and would be a fine gift

  12. Patrik says:

    why lie?
    Its always nice with a free dram!
    With this i can even give a little taste to my friends.😉

  13. Janet Bennett says:

    Wow, this to try a really good whiskey , would be such a wonderful experience

  14. Linda A. Bohan says:

    My niece's husband drinks only Single Malt Scotch. I enjoy giving gifts and would love to give a bottle of 105 to Whit. Each year I order 2 or 3 bottles of single malt that I have researched on the web. He gets one for Christmas and one for his birthday. This year he will get a surprise bottle of Il Caol
    which I stumbled across when researching this years medal winners. Whit is very special and deserves a bottle of 105. I recognize it and hope you will too. Aunt Linda

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