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£100 Bounty for Responsibly Sourced Juniper

Okay, so here’s the thing – I’ve got a reasonably good idea. It’s a secret for now, but won’t be for much longer – in fact to those of you with reasonably astute imaginations, the cat’s probably out of the bag already. The idea hinges on being able to find sources of Juniper which are specific to one particular location, and to be honest I’m drawing a little bit of a blank.

Now it’s worth pointing out that as I type this post, I have a rotavap going behind me, I’m planning the details of a trip to Islay, ordering some Vinyl Graphics for our car (more on that later), working out the final details of a business trip to Poland, planning for a visit to the Tanqueray distillery next week, sorting out tastings for the lovely folk at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, finalising a gin for The Spectator, and there was one more thing as well… oh yes – ‘running a whisky business’. So – it’s probably fair to say that perhaps I’ve not gone as far as I can down the road of investigating each and every producer in the world, or contacting every friendly distiller to try and prise out of them the details of from whence their juniper came, but I’ve had ‘a bit of a crack’.

This, dear readers is where you, and the bounty come in.

Here’s the challenge:

If you can find me a source of Juniper Berries, which come from a specific geographic location (ie – the hills just outside of Townsville, Scotland, or the countryside just to the north of Citytown, Bulgaria), and available in a quantity of 10kg at a time at a reasonable price (£10-20-ish a kilo is about right), I will give you £100 to spend on anything you want in the MoM shop. If you’re boring enough, you can even have it in cash. All of this just for pointing me at somebody who can sell me some Juniper.

There are a few conditions:

1.    The Juniper must be sustainably sourced. You’re not allowed to knacker any bushes in gathering it, or have anyone knacker any on your behalf. This especially applies in the UK. In fact, if it comes from the UK, and is wild, I might get you to plant a few bushes whilst you’re a-gatherin’.
2.    I’ve already got some rather wonderful Juniper from just outside Arezzo, Italy – and also have some from Croatia on the way, so those two locations are ‘taken’
3.    It’s only going to be the first 10 or so locations that I need, so get your skates on

Help me out, you lovely, lovely people. I might even give you a free bottle of the product we end up making from your juniper. I say might. I’ll probably forget.

You can post a comment below, or e-mail me at ben@masterofmalt.com



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11 comments on “£100 Bounty for Responsibly Sourced Juniper”

  1. Kavey says:

    Steenbergs sell juniper berries from Bulgaria. I’ve not tried them, but I’ve tried other herbs and spices and stuff from them and been pleased with the quality. They are a family business, so may well be able to work out a bulk buy price for you.

  2. Kavey says:

    Also, found a vendor thats sell UK berries via Amazon. The brand is Suma, and if I zoom in on the image it shows address, so was able to find website.
    Suma don’t list the berries on their own direct website, but should be quick to find out exact location within UK and whether they can provide bulk directly or whether to buy via Amazon.

  3. Kavey says:

    This company is based in Pakistan and I think, if I understand their text correctly, they are exporting berries grown there:

  4. Kavey says:

    And here’s a German company, the name translates to Herbal Mix. I can’t tell 100% if their juniper berries are German, without sending an enquiry, but they look to be a large, well-established business.
    Here’s English link:

  5. Evelyn says:

    I am able to send you some Tasmanian Juniper. Not sure if the store I get it from has an online retail.

  6. Martin says:

    Hi Ben,
    a noble quest!
    There’s a small-ish biodynamic grower of herbs in Ruinerwold, the Netherlands. They’ve been at it for 30 years so I presume they know what they’re doing 🙂
    The berries weigh in at 17-ish euro per kilo, well within budget.

    Het Blauwe Huis
    Buitenhuizerweg 10
    7961 LX Ruinerwold
    0031 522 48 18 27
    Open Friday and Saturday ten till four I believe. I’d be happy to help if you need a local interpreter

  7. Martin says:

    Oh and I see I forgot to post their email address.. you can reach them (Henk Weinredere & Jan-Kees Luijerink) at


  8. Guys,

    Sorry – it’s been a manic week again.

    Thank you all so much for the leads – I’ll chase them all down shortly.

    Evelyn, Martin, can I ask you to drop me an e-mail so I can correspond with you directly?



  9. Chris Hoban says:

    Mackmyra add juniper to their peat. Another option?

  10. Paul says:

    We can supply you with junipers they are from Macedonia. Just let me know how many. They are graded by us and we have five different levels, if you have any questions please get in touch.

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