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Savoury gin: Explore a boozy herb garden

Thanks to the rise in hyper-local gins and imbibers’ burgeoning fervour for bitter flavours – Negroni, anyone? – savoury gins are having something of a moment. From lemon verbena to loveage, sage to sorrel, we cast our eyes over the herbal delights that bring drinkers a taste of the countryside…

Gone are the days when cocktails were solely saccharine-sweet – in 2018, menus are peppered with all kinds of complex, herbal, bittersweet drinks, made with barks, roots, herbs and spices. Many, you’ll notice, are gin-based. So, what’s driving the trend for these vegetal tipples?


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The bank holiday boozes you need in your life

With a precious bank holiday fast approaching (if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that marks it) there is little time to waste. You need some delicious booze, but what should you choose? And where to find it? Don’t fret, dear reader. We have all the answers you need…

Bank holidays provide us with a well-earned break, a chance to catch-up with friends and/or family, and offer a seriously good excuse to indulge in a tasty tipple or two. So, what’ll it be this year? Maybe you’re one of the many going gaga for gin, or perhaps you’re on the lookout for a new go-to wine. Others will be searching for a superb single malt or are looking for some cocktail inspiration. With so many different styles and spirits around, the biggest challenge is finding the right booze to tickle your taste buds!

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The world’s best spirits-themed hotels for booze lovers

Forget ‘bed and breakfast’, this summer it’s all about the ‘bed and beverage’. Dream of sleeping in a giant wooden Tequila barrel? Fancy a 5-star stay with a built-in rickhouse? We’ve picked out the most alluring spirits-themed hotels across the globe…

It’s no secret that hotel bars have been stealing the show over the last few years. Of the ‘50 Best Bars Of 2017’ list, the top four (in the world!) can be found in 5-star lodgings. Now, this spirited excellence is transcending the ground floor and weaving its way into hotel rooms.


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The Nightcap: 10 August

Fair warning: this edition of The Nightcap features Rick Astley. If that doesn’t make you click through immediately, we don’t know what will.

Friday greetings from your very favourite online drinks retailer in the whole wide (and round) world. If you’re feeling a touch tired from a long week, then The Nightcap is here to ease you into the weekend. Acquire a cocktail, commandeer a seat and read on, folks.


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Royal Salute unites master blender and perfumer with latest whisky

Royal Salute 28 Year Old Flask Collection - Kew Palace Edition

Perfume and Scotch whisky may seem like unlikely bedfellows. However, Royal Salute 28 Year Old Flask Collection – Kew Palace Edition, the latest release from the distillery’s annual Flask Collection series, demonstrates how the two worlds can harmonise to create something truly unique…

We’ve previously explored the interesting crossover between perfume and Scotch whisky. The two have plenty in common: both are luxury elixirs, both are crafted by specialists and both attempt to create aromas that become a mode for recalling memories.

That partnership of perfume and whisky has arisen once again thanks to Royal Salute 28 Year Old Flask Collection – Kew Palace Edition. The latest addition to the acclaimed annual Flask Collection range was inspired by London’s Kew Palace (the charming former home of George III) and the substantial sensory experience that is its iconic Kitchen Garden.

It was created from a collaboration between Chivas Brothers’ director of blending Sandy Hyslop and famed perfumer Barnabé Fillion. This is exciting, not only because this is the first time in Royal Salute’s history that a master blender has teamed up with someone else on a new expression, but also because it provides us with another chance to examine how the world of perfume can provide an inspiration for whisky as it attempts to innovate and grow.

We spoke to both Hyslop and Fillion about the latest offering from the luxury whisky brand to see what whisky can learn from perfume, and what memories the new edition evokes for the pair.


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Why sherry and Scotch are a match made in heaven

Sherry cask-finished whisky is nothing new, but just why does the combination work so well, and why have the butts become so important? We investigate the magic of sherry and Scotch

All whisky lovers know that sherry casks and Scotch go together like Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, but the term ‘sherry cask’ isn’t as simple as it may at first appear. To get to the bottom of this much misunderstood part of the whisky process, I spoke to Donald Colville, Diageo global malts ambassador, about sherry, whisky, history, and Talisker’s super fancy recently launched Bodega Series 40 Year Old single malt.

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We paid a visit to Copper Rivet in Kent

What’s more exciting than a local whisky distillery? One that makes gin, vodka and an intriguing Port-like wine, too! We have a nose around Kent’s Copper Rivet distillery and get to sample some very intriguing spirits indeed…

The building that houses the Copper Rivet Distillery looks like it should be in a piazza in Siena rather than amongst the retail parks of what used to be the Royal Naval Dockyards in Chatham, Kent. A former pump house, it lay derelict for years until it was spotted by Matthew Russell who was having a picnic over the River Medway at Upnor Castle. His family had been looking all over the country for a place to start making gin, but when he saw those Italianate arches, he thought “bingo” (or perhaps “gingo”).


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Specialist spirit bars that deserve a spot on every bucket list

Wild about whisky? Got a taste for Tequila? There’s a specialist bar for that. We take a look at the bucket list-worthy haunts around the globe that have made it their mission to master a single spirit…

We love a bit of spirits geekery here at Master of Malt. When bar owners eschew the ‘Jack of all Trades’ operating formula, delve deep into a single category and share their spirited discoveries with the rest of us, magical things happen.


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What’s your flavour? MoM checks out modern liqueurs

Forget sticky screw-top lids and teeth-rotting syrups – small-batch, foraged, organic and homegrown are the buzzwords of today’s liqueurs. We chat with Tom Chisholm, co-founder of Aelder Elixir, to find out why there’s never been a better time to stock up your cabinet…

We’ve probably mentioned it once or twice, but Team MoM hit up a certain little whisky festival called Fèis Ìle earlier this summer – and in the rare moments we weren’t Instagramming our way around distilleries, interviewing Scotch whisky legends and stroking fine poochies, we got busy meeting and greeting fellow festival folks.


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Raise a glass of fizz and say Happy Birthday to Champagne!

4 August marks the Birth of Champagne. Instead of celebrating this momentous day with a traditional birthday cake and candles (although you can partake if you wish), why not join us as we unpick the Birth of Champagne backstory – with a glass in hand, of course.

Fan of all things fizzy? Then you might be interested to know that 4 August is a pretty vital day when it comes to the history of sparkling wine. It’s the Birth of Champagne – so roll up and celebrate!

Not that I need an excuse to drink a glass of fizz, but what’s this Champagne Day all about?


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