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Whyte and Mackay Special Blended Scotch Whisky

(70cl, 40.0%)
Whyte and Mackay Special Blended Scotch Whisky

Awards for Whyte and Mackay


Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Scotch Whisky - Deluxe Blend - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Whyte and Mackay Details

(Whyte & Mackay)

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Whisky or Whiskey

What's in a name? Whyte and Mackay Special Blended Scotch Whisky is called whisky because it's produced in Scotland. Were it from America it would be spelled Whyte and Mackay Special Blended Scotch Whiskey, rather than whisky.

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Whyte and Mackay Bottling Note

A classic blend made up of 41 different whiskies. Whyte and Mackay special is a great mixer.
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Whyte and Mackay (3cl Sample)
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User Reviews of the Whyte and Mackay Special Blended Scotch Whisky

clive m.wilson

not another whisky to equal it very smooth

18th September 2014


A very nice sweet whiskey,,have been drinking it for the past 13 years regularly,,it's always aromatic as usual,,like the toffee caramel notes,,it's smooth with a real kick

10th September 2014

21 Year Old

I drank W&M 21 Year Old Scotch, when I could find it, for many years. then about 7 years ago it disappeared!!! It was distributed, in the U.S.A by Dennis and Huppert. I use to buy it by the case. What have you done with it??? Is it available in the U.S.A.? Roger Collinson.

2nd September 2014

Not too shabby, but nothing special either

Yes it can be difficult to find decent blends that stand out on their own. The W&M special nose is of caramel and toffee - very nice indeed! However, I didn't find the palate that great, and the finish wasn't something I cherished. With that said, it wasn't unpleasant. It is what it is. A lot of people are reviewing it harshly or well and slating other reviews. My opinion is try it for your self and decide. Leave the trolls and snobs to their opinion war, and make up your own mind. This site is great for testing all sorts of new malts. Perhaps taking advantage of the samples that this site provides will help you a lot more than some of these reviews can.

14th August 2014


My favourite blended whisky. Usually £13 for 70cl bottle in my local Asda, has recently been on special offer for £12 and is now £12.50 - an absolute bargain!

19th July 2014

Smooth only..

Absolutely underwhelmed. I love my single malts and some blends. This whisky is soo boring, it's smooth and that is all, no character, no taste, I definitely prefer a Teachers highland cream, less smooth but lots of taste and character.

29th June 2014

Very smooth & tast like a single malt

Bought my first bottle in Edinburgh at a whiskey shop. Was looking for a single malt (price). The owner said I picked a scotch that is a real winner as a blended scotch. I love the strong woody tast & very full body. To me it really taste as if it was a single malt !! It truly is a winner & very smooth !!

29th June 2014

I forgot how good this stuff is !!

As far as blended whisky goes, you know it's a good one if you can drink it neat !! I hadn't tasted whisky for 2 years- until tonight I fancied a change from Spanish beer and remembered I still had a half full litre bottle left- a large bowl glass half filled with ice cold water, swirled around before drinking leaves a nice cold glass with a slight residue of water- a generous tot of poured into the still cold glass tastes like heaven while typing this comment !!

16th May 2014


There's always a bottle of Special in my whisky cabinet. Sometimes I feel like a tipple, but not at the expense of my Glenlivet or Clynelish, and this blend suits that purpose. There's a bit more "fire" in this blend, but it's easy to get used to, and it shines with a small amount of fresh NZ water. Well done, Mr Paterson!

20th April 2014

Try It

I would take no notice of the low marks some people have given it.They must be young or mistaken people that have no idea about blended whisky.Its the one blended whisky I would pick before most others.It is for men not boys.It is smooth and has plenty of taste.

1st April 2014

Best of the Bunch

Of whiskys at this price this is the best in my opinion. I think the way the whiskys are blended and then kept in the wood together before bottling add flavour and a quality taste.It is different to the others but I think it is the best.Johnny Norfolk

1st April 2014

Paint stripper with a different colour

Probably one of the most vile whisky's that has ever passed my lips. Jura is to the Isle of Jura what Whyte and MacKay is to industrial Glasgow. This brand likened to paint stripper is actually an embarrassment to the whisky world. It's cheap (and nasty) for a very good reason. I wouldn't even recommend it to an old tramp. chances are, they probably drink it. Vile !

30th March 2014

whisky lover

A deeper caramel flavour than many blended malts, but very little range of flavours. although a rich flavour, it soon becomes dull on the tongue. Grants blended scotch provides a much better range of flavour and a smoother finish. Ok for its price, but as I say, Grants is better.5/10 for decent value, but 3/10 overall because there are better out there.

26th February 2014

strangest smelling whisky i've ever drank

Well purchased a bottle of this from supermarket & when i opened it the first thing i noticed was the smell !! its unlike any whisky smell i've ever known sort of port/sherry ish very strange . It does taste ok but well i don't think i'll be back for another bottle very quickly.what a pity

20th February 2014


One of the best I ever tested, and it is only the 13 years old.

14th February 2014

raffle win

Hey it isn't bad, tastes even better when you win it on a raffle. Thanks Mrs Graham. Xx

2nd February 2014

Value Proposition

This is one of my favorite entry level scotch. I prefer it much more than JW Red Label, VAT 69 and Haig.

14th January 2014


has to be the word thing to pass my lips , now befor you all start I am by no means a single malt snob as I do like a nice blended dram from time to time but this looks/smells and tastes like piss and is good for only one thing stripping varnish of wood and even then it would do a bad job

12th January 2014

A good blend

My favourite good value blended whisky apart from John Powers Gold Label.

7th January 2014

I've had worse

I would find this a bit harsh to take neat. It's great to add to some tea. But straight up, it has a hint of paint thinner with some extinguished camp fire ashes.

6th January 2014


Cant believe anyone would like this

31st December 2013

Tastes like shit

horrible flavour very bitter.

26th December 2013

silver tounge

Its rough... could run a motor on the stuff

23rd December 2013


A good solid drink, just go a litre from Sainsburys for £15. Far better than Bells. Probably the best I have tried in its price bracket. Value 10/10 Mixed 7/10 Straight 6/10

21st December 2013

mycket god

helt klart en favorit

12th December 2013

A bargain

Bought 1L for £17 at Tesco. Good for mixes and a splash of ginger ale. And yes a splash of water is best. Please stop trying to compare Malts against blended whisky. Drink them for what they are....and enjoy!

26th November 2013


cheaf & best

12th November 2013

More to Whisky than Single Malt

Do not dismiss blended whisky. Many are very good indeed like this.I prefere Ballantines and BNJ, but this is very good and less money. If you have to put pop in it, dont bother you can find cheaper. Try it with no more than a tea spoon of pure still water.You need an adult palate to enjoy whiskey ie not sweet.

23rd September 2013

Sweet and syrupy

This is a sweet, syrupy, fudgy tasting gloop. A really poor dram IMHO. I struggle to take Richard Patterson seriously when he promotes this muck.

14th September 2013

worst drink

worst whisky i ever had

16th August 2013

Best of the cheap blends by a country mile

Since discovering it, I buy nothing else.

13th August 2013

More relevance needed.

Can I suggest b4 any of u give your reviews, tell what u've been drinking the last 1-2 years, how often u drink in a week and the time u usually drink it during day/night. It will help us greatly see if your reviews are applicable or relevant.

12th August 2013

Best whisky in this price tag

I got it on a discount.. but it is better than lot of whiskies out there in the market in this price range .. 5 star for the price and quality ..

30th June 2013

Not good

Whisky's I have tasted and experienced the after effects are, black dog 12/8 years, 100 pipers 12 years, teachers 12 years, taste and after effects of whyte and mackay are very poor when compared to all those I listed... not worth the money paid.

30th June 2013

criticize properly

its a lot more better than old cheap whisky...dont judge when you dont know how to drink and enjoy the whisky properly...besides check your pocket if you want an awesome and rare whisky that would satisfy your dry throat...

8th May 2013

What the hell

This is without doubt the worst drink that I have ever tasted. Its so bad that it would have put me off whisky forever had this been my first drink. Apparently it won an award in San Francisco in 2012. In which category? Was it the only whisky to enter. Try it at your own risk. Even American dry cant kill the dreadful taste ir pong.

3rd May 2013

Very nice but strange taste

Nice whisky but tastes like rum

3rd May 2013

Better than expected.

Considering this blend falls in with bells, grants, teachers & grouse, IMO It is better than these other popular brands,usually cheaper too.

11th April 2013

For the money - very good value

Yes it tastes like it has had a lot of caramel (E150 added) but for the $ it is extremely good value. I actually prefer it to a JW Spice Road I bought at the same time! Way better than JW Red which costs more. Has that W&M stewed tea flavour running through it, with a reasonable malt over/undertone.

4th April 2013

love it

You can't beat it for everyday whiskey.

3rd February 2013

Dont be a single malt snob..

Got to say I have went without for many a year avoiding this blend at my fathers house. This is always in supply at his home. Got to say I'm a dalmore and aberlour A'bunadh man. So refused to go blends and I have to say what a mistake this is fantastic for price.. sweet toffee and sherry on the nose. On the palette lovely no mouth burn from alcohol just more sherry notes and a little spice. Oh my god I will never be without this in my again defo a rainy day bottle. When no singles in cupboard. 8/10 from me.

3rd February 2013

As good as can be expected

I'd rather be drinking something more complex but £13 was all I could afford this month. This is warming and pleasant and uncomplicated before dinner on a very cold night. Sherry and brown sugar. Nice with the almonds I'm nibbling with it. No complaints.

25th January 2013

A great "every day" whisky

I love this as an every day whisky that I can enjoy after work. I still enjoy my peaty single malts, but keep them for special occasions when friends are over. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone. I found it smooth with a hint of caramel.

15th December 2012

My favourite with diet coke

This is my favourite blended whiskey to have with diet coke, I can't recommend it enough. Its well worth the money!

15th December 2012

fine for what it costs

I got a bottle on offer for 6 pounds. I didn't expect a fine malt but it was better than expected. I drank it neat and found it to be quite pleasant. Like a warm hug as described above.

13th September 2012


I love Richard Patterson, and his insights into whiskey really energise me into drinking the stuff. So with this bottle on special offer in Tesco I went and got myself a sample of his work. Wow I am unimpressed. How, it is smooth, it is unified and is not disagreeable, but at the same time, there is nothing to write home about. Nothing stands out in the flavour and when you go looking for it, you just met with indistinct nothingness. Save your cash and go for the 13 year at least! However, I have had worse whiskey in my mouth before.

8th July 2012

Inoffensive in a good way.

I like this a lot better than other dirt-cheap blends like JW Red Label. Remarkable value for such little money. Nose it for a while and roll it around your tongue for a good 10 seconds to extract maximum flavors out of this very mild pour.

24th February 2012

Cheap and delicious

A nice blend, nothing special I'll grant you - BUT - mix this 50/50 with Crabbie's Green Ginger Wine and you won't find a nicer Whisky Mac anywhere, highly recommended after a winter walk, warms the cockles.

27th November 2011


26th January 2011

Adot care

Adipoli sadanam

22nd January 2011

No baad !!!!

Decent for price , Sister in-law got me this for xmas , a lot better than I expected tho ! Will break into a 15 year old single malt Dalwhinnie , when done tho !!!! Looking forward to it n all !!!!

12th January 2011

Alcoholic and amateur

Perhaps he is alcoholic, but you are amateur.Whyte and Mackay is blended scotch whisky and not whiskey, man.

8th September 2010

the words of an alcoholic above there

what is that guy above on about? whyte and mackay doesn't taste anything like whiskey. its more like thai whiskey than scotch whiskey. houfin!

15th May 2010

A Classic !!!

Maybe it doesn't have subtle heathery freshness or a strong fruit aroma but it is a reliable, good old friend, giving a warm hug!!!

30th September 2009

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