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Glen Moray Classic

(70cl, 40.0%)
Glen Moray Classic

Awards for Glen Moray Classic


Scotch Single Malt - Speyside - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Scotch Single Malt - Speyside - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Glen Moray Classic Details

(Glen Moray)

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Whisky or Whiskey

Interesting fact… Glen Moray Classic whisky spells its name whisky as it originates in Scotland. Had it been produced in America its name would be Glen Moray Classic whiskey, instead of whisky.

User Rating

Glen Moray Classic Bottling Note

This "Classic" expression is the entry level bottling from the Glen Moray distillery.
In stock, worldwide delivery available.
Can be dispatched today.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Light, fresh. Grist. Nutty, floral. Dried grass. Slightly fruity.

Palate: Oak, gentle. Well balanced, walnut, grist. Citrus, lemon sponge.

Finish: Tangy citrus, spicy fruitcake.

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User Reviews of the Glen Moray Classic

Great Value Malt

It seems to me that there is a degree of snobbery in some of the reviews - i.e. it's cheap and therefore nasty. Not so. OK, not the most complex and satisfying dram but sipping one, as I am, outdoors on a warm autumn evening, the light floral/citrus tones are just perfick!

3rd September 2014

len williams south wales

hi idon't think it a bad whisky for the money i love jura it's not in some league has that ,but it nice drink regards len

15th August 2014

A very easy drinker!

While this won't win awards for being the most complex single malt in the world, it's not a bad drink. It's a very smooth drinker, with a nice gentle citrus to the palate. The finish is a bit lacking, but for the price, you can't complain. It's as though many of the reviews on here expect a mindblowing 18 year old for sub £20? If you're after a nice go to cheap malt, try it. If you're looking for something impressive, perhaps not.

11th August 2014

Not half bad

I am a fan of Glenmorangie and this is a close contender, yes it isn't £30 odd quid a bottle, but foret the cost and just enjoy the dram for what it is, it's a steal at the price.

10th July 2014

I'm not picky, but...

Good God, I am not a fan. I like most scotch, never been too choosy, but this is just awful. "Cleaning agent" is right. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

9th June 2014

Not great for a single malt

Not great, for a single malt. Reminded me of the house whisky you get in all-inclusive hotels in Spain (but with a little more kick). Not sure it has been aged for that long...judging by taste and price.

24th May 2014


Its great for the money, and get you drunk as a doorknob!

30th April 2014

Can't beat it...$$ for $$ best on the market !

From initiation to...or part of the rest of your life, this single malt hits the mark. Can give you as much as your looking for or as little. Pay more - pay less, you will never find the ground that this dram can cover...enjoy and long life!

28th March 2014

Super spul alleen wat duur hier!!

Nou ik koop mijn flesje bij AH en daar kost ie maar een lutele 19,99 euro hoor!!! Duur hier seg! Maar wel een heeeeel goede whisky voor zo weinig geld!!

24th March 2014

A great whisky

Seems that this site could do with people doing blindfold tests - as it is, if it doesn't cost £40+ on here, the whisky snobs have heir say. I think this is a very good drink, but who am I to say in the face of all these "experts"?

15th March 2014

ok for the orice

Now, i like expensive malt, but for 20 pound, this is head and shoulders above most premium blends...try it...if you take your head from your behind, you wilo be fine

28th February 2014

Surprisingly Flavorful

I gave this review a 10 because of the value, the taste scores a 7 in my books. I was very surprised by this very reasonable single malt. I found it to be exceptionally smooth and flavorful with citrus conquering the taste buds. For the price you might as well give it a shot since it's about the cheapest single malt you'll find. Perfect in between bottles of more expensive origins.

23rd February 2014


this is disgusting!You cant even hide the cleansing agent taste with canada dry.I had been drinking johnny walker red label before this and was a much superior and cheaper drink.It reminds me of a cheap greek metaxa brandy yuk!dont buy it!

29th December 2013

Mike Duncan

this is disgusting!You cant even hide the cleansing agent taste with canada dry.I had been drinking johnny walker red label before this and was a much superior and cheaper drink.It reminds me of a cheap greek metaxa brandy yuk!dont buy it!

29th December 2013

Not bad!

This man stole my review exactly.

27th December 2013

Good choice for a mild Speyside Malt

I'm not one for harsh or peaty malts. Nor am I a real expert. But I've tried many an expensive Malt, only to be disappointed. This didn't disappoint and is gently enjoyable.

9th December 2013

not bad

1. I am not a dedicated scotch drinker 2. When I drink scotch it is 12 year old Glen Livet 3. This scotch with a bit of water is pretty decent for the price. 4. I paid 20 dollars for it in the states (12.5Pounds) 5. Got two glasses with the holiday gift set. lol !!!! I think that about sums it up! (I will stick with the 12 year old Glen Livet, however) Tom

6th December 2013


To my taste, not as good as the 16 yr. old.

22nd November 2013


Don't try as your first malt it will put you off. Rubbish stuff avoid.

4th November 2013


Total dishwater harsh un interesting and insipid.. They may well add caramel to cheap rubbish like this most decent wiskey a get colouring from the barrel.. Doubt this has seen one. Tastes like coloured new spirit, but not good spirt.. As other have said cleansing agent. Only use I have for it is when the wife needs a dram for cooking as that actually is not too bad a use.

4th November 2013


Missed the rating: I'd give it three and a half

14th October 2013


A decent drink if one is a bit short of funds. It isn't very complex, but it's better than most blends by some distance. My main complaint is that the distillery don't tell us how old it is, so I suspect that it's not much more than three years old. Why this information is left off the bottle beats me. Given more time in barrel its complexity would be more impressive. Some reviewers complain about its rather insipid colour. Colour is added to whisky - I think it is caramel - to make it more attractive. The colour doesn't affect the taste. It's not like tea, where if you put plenty of tea in the pot you get a dark, strong tea, or just a bit of tea it is pale and weak. I drink it when I can't afford anything better and whilst lacking the distinction of the older whiskies, it's not a bad tipple.

14th October 2013


This is a very good summer malt. I think it is far better than some of the comments here. They only way is to try it. Dont forger its pronounced Glen Murry

26th August 2013


This whiskey illustrates exactly what you get for each £ you spend, the colour alone shows a lack of promise and there is absolutely no complexity to taste here. This makes it poor value for money when you consider that for an extra £10 you can get something at lest double the quality. The palate isnt so bad but the finish is industrial/nail varnish remover in character. I'll never finish this bottle

24th August 2013

Arrggghhh... !!!!

Rough. Wouldn't recommend it. Same category as JDs same tastes. Just bad. Can't even mix it.

17th August 2013

Don't waste your money

Without doubt the worst malt I have ever encountered

6th August 2013


This is a great whiskey for malt lovers on a budget

5th August 2013


harsh,unflavored ... ok for the money

29th July 2013


Only use to clean the loo...

12th July 2013


Not a pleasant experience, harsh taste not pleasant. Very rough, typical cheap supermarket fodder better off with a better of jw black at this price point. Avoid not even good mixed.

12th July 2013

i can drink it with cola

not keen on it straight or with H2o

6th July 2013


I'm guessing a lot of the users posting low ratings are comparing Glem Moray to milk or something. Harsh? Cleansing agent? Please go back to drinking Schnapps and leaving scotch alone.

3rd July 2013

Newbie rating

Only just taken up single malt tasting. I picked up a 70cl bottle of this for £17.50. I have tried Glenfiddich 12, 15 (favourite) and 18. Also tried Glenmorangie which I quite liked as well. Glen Moray is a decent cheap single malt which I probably wouldn't drink a lot of neat as its quite a harsh finish. Nice and fresh on the nose, warm on the palette but a disappointing finish for me personally. I think I'll be a fan of smoky and peaty malts.

11th May 2013

Great stuff.

I think you'd struggle to find a better malt at the price. Nice toffee-butterscotch sweetness to it, not particularly complex finish but long enough and a few spicy notes in there. A nice drop, especially at under £20. Your loss if you want to be snobbish about it.

26th March 2013


Very pleasant and quite complex, compare this to a blended scotch at a similar price! Going for £20 in supermarkets, get some. Or, spend another tenner on Laphroaig, why not?

9th March 2013

A little gem

For the price an excellent Malt with much depth.

19th February 2013

It's £25 what u expect

For the money a very smooth and sweet drink very Recomended unless your stuck up your own ass

25th December 2012

Forgot to add Rating to Absolute bargain review

As a sub £20 malt this rates 10 out of 10

23rd October 2012

Absolute bargain

I used to hold malt whisky nights at home where up to 10 friends would each bring a different malt from a set price range which would be sampled then the bottles taken home. The idea was to keep away from the "standards" and we tried many different malts in the £30 - £50 range though occasionally we would go higher. One evening we decided to try sub £20 malts which meant the majority were supermarket offerings. However, someone bought Glen Moray which won hands down and it became my favourite "cheap" malt. If you keep your expectations realistic it is an absolute bargain.

23rd October 2012


Such a gentle malt, discrete and calming. For me, the 'zen' of malts in the sense that 'less is more'. Perfection at a bargain price.

13th October 2012

Horray moray!

I went to the store to quench my thirst for a hunch to have a good single malt ; but my trip to the expensive section was cut short by the price of this very first single malt. Thinking I wouldn't loose much I decided to pick up a bottle and hurried my way home. The first sip hit me hard! Disappointed ; I thought too harsh..... Second sip tasted better , the nose was warm and sweetish and with the complexity of spicinesss over the palate finishing off to a nice aftertaste. Cannot compare to the ones iam more used to but certainly good value for money and not much to loose. Cook it if you can't drink it!!!

5th July 2012

Pretty good

This is a nice, simple malt that's unlikely to offend anyone's palate. It's by no means special but at the same time very pleasant to drink - light, sweet and fruity.

2nd July 2012


It's a tad boring, but it has no real weaknesses either. A solid, pleasant enough malt with typical Speyside fruity flavours.

22nd June 2012

nutter king

yes yes yes. buy it!

9th May 2012


this is one of the best whiskeys ive tasted yum! and ive tasted a lot malts along the way; a very good whiskey for the price, and its cheap!

9th May 2012



11th March 2012

Nick Cromie

This is my favourite entry level malt. Delicate flavours, no over-bearing peat, a typical Speyside malt. Lovely and a bargain. Also available at Aldi.

12th December 2011

Gentle and modestly undestated

I agree this is a lovely quiet malt, an absolute bargain. More of a church mouse than a thunder-cat, but a very pleasant toffee-apple nose. Not one for the peaty maltsters,but a lovely Speyside that will appeal to those Just starting to explore singles. I favor this over its much more gregarious neighbors. Simple and uncomplicated, a real discovery.

16th October 2011

It's fantastic

I love it and it's amazing in apple pies

26th September 2011

Underrated bargain

This whisky doesn't deserve the low ratings, it is probably the best value single malt on the market. Yes it's a little rough and ready but that's part of it's charm. A spicy speyside bargain.

18th July 2011

underrated bargain

This whisky doesn't deserve the low ratings, it is probably the best value single malt on the market. Yes it's a little rough and ready but that's part of it's charm. A spicy speyside bargain.

17th July 2011

underrated bargain

This whisky doesn't deserve the low ratings, it is probably the best value single malt on the market. Yes it's a little rough and ready but that's part of it's charm. A spicy speyside bargain.

17th July 2011

Quite a nasty taste

Disappointing flavour, in fact quite a nasty taste. Not sure what to use it for now. No mention of age.

25th August 2010

No lingering flavour

Following an email sent to the distillery, they state that this malt is aged 8 years solely in bourbon casks. It's a little harsh for me too, with little lingering aftertaste, disappointing.

4th December 2009

OOOOF a bit harsh

OK as a cleaning agent or in medical emergencies but not one for the fireside.

16th November 2009

Age statement missing

Dear MasterOfMalt, is it a replacement of the 8yo edition or a new whisky with other age? Best Regards.

29th September 2009

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