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Black Bottle

(70cl, 40.0%)
Black Bottle

Awards for Black Bottle


Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Standard Blends - 2013

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Black Bottle Details

(Black Bottle)

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Whisky or Whiskey

What's in a name? Black Bottle whisky is called whisky because it's produced in Scotland. Were it from America it would be spelled Black Bottle whiskey, rather than whisky.

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Black Bottle Bottling Note

Relaunched in 2013, Black Bottle Blended Scotch whisky now features a balanced mix of fruitiness and spice alongside the peaty Islay notes that the brand has been known for. This change in direction is a return to Black Bottle's past, as it is said to have been inspired by what the whisky was like when it was made all the way back in 1879. This has also inspired the new old-style black glass bottle, which gave the whisky its name.
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User Reviews of the Black Bottle

My new favourite blended Scotch

Most of the negative reviews here seem disappointed at how this new BB is different from the old. (I never had the old one, so am happily unburdened by such luggage...) I think that misses the point that this is an excellent blended whisky, at a price point that offers superb value. I'm not normally much of a fan of blended Scotch, I only came across this by accident when doing my weekly grocery shop, and boy am I glad I picked up a bottle! I'll go back tomorrow and get a case, before they discontinue it (my supermarket, that is - they have a bad habit of doing that, just as I discover something I like).

22nd June 2014

Black Bottle Blended

A good Whisky doesn't have a screw cap !!.... However I could be wrong.Well I am with this one. Outstanding for Scotch at this price.

14th June 2014

A great new whisky.

I think the people running this down have approached it the wrong way. This is not a changed or improved Black bottle but a completely new whisky. As someone else has said it is as good as double black and £13 cheaper. As soon as they get more in I shall order a half dozen more.

2nd June 2014

a copy paste of my original review of Black Bottle

Mr Gordon Bell I have tried many brands of whisky and have enjoyed most of them! However, the one whisky I keep coming back to, when I can get it (I live in deepest - darkest Staffordshire...), is Graham's Black Bottle. I am not alone in appreciating this fine blend, as I have encouraged many friends and collegues to sample frequently.... and they all agree with me, this truly is a very good, high quality blended whisky. Indeed my father, John Bell (butcher of this parish), won runner's up prize in a competition run by the distillery and won 6 very fine tumblers engraved with the whisky's label. My father loved Black Bottle and instilled into me this love and appreciation of probably the most consistently good blends on the market. I highly recommend this blend, as it is very easy to enjoy. It is not harsh on the throat and fills the mouth with a fabulous mixture of peaty, smokey, fruity, sweetness - a joy to enjoy! So do yourself a flavour...I mean favour and buy a bottle today, your tongue will thank you for it! By the way - the best way to enjoy this whisky, or any other blend for that matter, is to add a splash of water. But don't drown it! The master blender of any distillery would have your guts for garters if he saw you or anybody else, diluting away all his hard work by putting too much H 2 O in his skillfully put together work of art! 1st April 2010

31st May 2014

Mr Gordon Bell

Ach!!!! Yeh are all full o' wind an' pish!!!!! I thought perfection could not be improved upon. But I have to admit, I was wrong! The "new" Black Bottle is better for going back to its roots and re-introducing Gordon Graham's original blend. The old blend was - sorry - is very good if you are lucky enough to find it! But with the return to its roots this blend even beats that! Graham's original blend is sweet, smooth, flavoursome, smoky, spicy. In one word - excellent!! Buy with confidence my friends, you will not be disappointed! You will enjoy a very, very fine blend made by really skilled craftsmen. So if you have any doubts after reading the negative comments. Take a look at the very first review. - MY review! You will see I do have real soft spot for this whisky but now this has returned to its heritage they have really struck gold. Disappointing - my arse! Won't finish this bottle - nonsense! Won't buy again - well mate that's your loss and all the more for me to enjoy! My advice - buy a bottle and make up your own mind! This is still a GREAT whisky! Don't let anybody put you off.

18th May 2014


The old blend was one of the greats, unfortunately this new blend is very poor and bears absolutely no resemblance to it's predecessor. Why they couldn't release this under a different name and keep the old blend is beyond me - for example, how many types of Famous Grouse are available now!?! Won't be buying this again unless they revert back to their previous blend. A real shame.

17th May 2014


Basically only good to mix with. It no longer stands alone unless you are cleaning the bar top. Sad, it was a distinctive blend worthy of praise. Might as well buy Crown Royal and save the money.

9th May 2014

allan steel

well the marketing team have really sorted this once fine whisky out new shape of bottle / colour of contents but most of all its joined the realms of cooking

1st May 2014

Two steps back

This stuff tastes like leftovers from dozens of Speyside whisky's , not harmonious at all, I remember this used to taste of wonderful Islay malts and a good intro to that islands style, now it's just a bargain basement style blend at a semi premium price.

28th April 2014


Been drinking and enjoyed this brand for some years now. This relaunch has completely changed the character of the whisky. Not for me now I'm afraid.

19th April 2014

A step backwards

A return to the past. Why? Not everything was better in the olden days. I'll have to find another drink.

14th April 2014


I was more than suprised trying this scotch whisky.It was full offruity taste, and spicy and peaty.Heard a lot of bad rep. from the previous bottling that ruined some feedback.It cost about 19 euros , it isn't cheap for whay you get.Now its my favorite islay scotch whisky. I would choose this ower Johnny Walker Double Black any time even if its a lot spicier and less refined. Thanks, KaaBee.

28th February 2014

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