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Other Drinks

Here you will find our selection of wonderful drinks, mixers and syrups/cordials. Included here is our range of Vintage Cocktails from the Handmade Cocktail company – cocktails which are mixed and allowed to ‘marry’ in the bottle – the result is a superb set of perfectly mixed cocktails which just require ice and a garnish to serve!

Next up, we have a sterling range of vermouths. Popular examples of these wine-based, herb-and-spice-flavoured concoctions include the classic Martini, Noilly Prat and Dubonnet. Vermouths are the cornerstone of many of the world’s best-loved cocktails (Manhattans and Martinis being supreme examples).

We also do a range of top-quality cocktail bitters. Made by infusing a variety of herbs, plants, spices and spirits, bitters are like the salt and pepper of the drinks world – providing depth and complexity to all manner of libations. Think Angostura and Peychaud’s, for example. We also do an impressive in-house range of “single varietal” bitters.

We sell a range of delicious bottled beers including classic varieties such as Pilsner, Porter, IPA, Imperial Stout and a host of other fine ales, and to enjoy with any drink, we recommend a top-quality mineral water. Whether still or sparkling, there is a big variation in flavour, and it’s worth comparing mineral waters to find one which suits your favourite tipple best.

We offer a wide variety of syrups and cordials made from natural ingredients, with which to add sweetness and additional flavour to cocktails, coffees and even desserts, from top European producers including Monin and Giffard. Added to this, we do a selection of the very best fruit purees for cooking and use in cocktails and other drinks (what would a Bellini be without a little peach puree?). We stock the Funkin range of fruit purees, all of which are made with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, colouring or flavouring…

One of the bedrocks of Japanese cuisine and culture is sake – a fermented beverage made from rice. There exist many styles and flavours, defined by the level of polishing of the rice grains, as well as the percentages of different types of rice in the mix…

We also stock a range of mixers with which to make a variety of cocktails and long drinks (including Fever-Tree’s astonishingly good Indian Tonic Water!) and Mead – a classic English quaff produced by fermenting honey!

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Top Picks

The timeless Gancia Extra Dry Vermouth, made by the Italian winemakers for decades. Using a recipe of Alpine herbs infused with alcohol and blended with a wine base, this makes for some fine aperitif beverages.
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An ale with a difference. Ola Dubh is ale that was aged in whisky casks, and casks from Highland Park no less. This particular ale was aged in casks which previously held 18 year old Highland Park! Each is labeled with bottle number and date, as well as being signed by the head brewer and the "master of wood".
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For a time that is meant to be harmonious and happy, Christmas isn't half stressful. Present buying, icy floors and flashing lights covering every inch of the high street, the peacefulness of the holiday season is really quite a paradox, wouldn't you say? Lucky for us, in 2012 BrewDog made their own Christmas beer, aged for 12 months in rum barrels, to sip and enjoy as the world around us gets tangled up in tinsel. Alas, it is Christmas 2012 no more, lucky for you though because you can now get this most delicious brew for just a snip of the original price.
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A must have for any bartender, this is a great sugar syrup because it's made from pure, to quality sugar cane, and nothing processed. The flavour is sweet, authentic and is a key ingredient in may cocktails. Also Monin Pure Cane Syrup mixes into drinks much better than sugar cubes, so it makes for an easy option when it comes to sweetening tea and coffee and other drinks.
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This Ola Dubh is a very good quality ale matured in casks whisky previously held 16 year old Highland Park, the result is a fabulous drink.
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A great vermouth from Bordeaux. This is made with white Bordeaux wines and fruit brandy and is aged in oak for between 6 months and a year.
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A classic red vermouth. The balance is superb and there is a lovely herbal flavour. A great addition to many a cocktail.
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Dolin are the only remaining independent vermouth producers in Chambéry, the only French region to have received an appellation d'origine contrôlée for its vermouths. Dolin vermouths are made with a high proportion of wine as well as fresh herbs and plants local to Chambéry. They are also sweetened with real sugar, which gives the finished vermouth a more natural sweetness in comparison to many artificially sweetened competitors.
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An incredibly good red vermouth which was originally used to make the Martinez (the grandfather of the martini). Each bottle of Antica Formula is individually numbered, and it really does make a great Manhattan, as well as being an excellent digestif.
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A non-alcoholic Grenadine from Monin. This has the authentic pomegranate flavour that will improve your Tequila Sunrise or Shirley Temple no end. Fact Hunt: Did you know the word Grenade comes from the French for Pomegranate. In the early days of explosives before gunpowder was discovered they'd simply use heavy fruit, either that or grenades have the same shape as pomegranates. Certainly one of those statements is true...
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